NCPGA Golf Scholarships

Over forty graduates from the NCPGA junior golf program have attended colleges and universities, partially funded by scholarship awards presented by the Association. Each year the NCPGA awards two, $3000 scholarships paid over a four-year period in $750 increments. The Matthew P. Faylor Memorial and the Todd E. Clark Memorial Scholarships are awards in memory of two of the Association’s first participants in the junior golf program. Applications must be completed by golfers who are high school seniors and returned to the NCPGA office no later than March 15. A committee of regional college administrative officials and professionals make the selection of the successful applicants.

Past Recipients of the Junior Scholarship Award  

Download NCPGA Scholarship Application PDF

Other Junior Golf Scholarship Information

Ping American College Golf Guide
The PING Guide contains vital information on golf programs at over 1,000 colleges and junior colleges. With answers to many of the questions facing college-bound students, the guide features a step-by-step procedure, as well as a calendar of what students should do from their freshman through senior year. Sample letters and recommendations on writing resumes are also included. In addition, the guide gives complete scores of over 92 college conference championship tournaments, as well as scores of regional and national college golf championships.

GOLFSTAT College Resource Information
For high school and junior golfers interested in playing at the collegiate level, GOLFSTAT’s Prep Report is the most valuable resource available. This report provides each university’s rating by division, tournaments and rounds played, representation in regionals and/or nationals by individual or team, rounds played, scoring average, year in school for the five most utilized players, and a breakdown of players on roster by year in school.

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