Junior Champions

Each season, the NCPGA Junior Tour schedules a Match Play Championship. The two-day championship is an invitation-only event that features the top 16 players from the tour’s two 18-hole divisions. All players are required to play 36 holes on the first day of the event, each qualifier for day two must be available for 36 holes.

The first two rounds of the Match Play Championship are played on the first day along with a beaten eights round. Winners then advance to play on the second day.

NCPGA Match Play Eligibility Criteria (revised May, 2009)

Criteria 1: You are eligible if the average of your best three events is less than 90.  Should there be more than 16 eligible; the field is set as the top 16 averages.

Criteria 2:  Should the field of 16 not be full from step 1, those who have played in less than three rounds would be eligible based on their best score posted so long as the score does not exceed 95 with no required number of rounds played.

Criteria 3:  After criteria 1&2 are exhausted the final positions, if available are the decision of the USGA intern and the NCPGA Executive Director

NOTICE:  At any time during the season a player can be deemed ineligible for the Match Play due to a showing of poor sportsmanship, cheating or being a no show at an event without prior notice.  Actions noted above must be observed by an NCPGA Staff member.


Take a look at our past winners:

Year  Winner   Home Course  
2015 William Knauth White Deer G.C.
2014 Kohltin Bartlow White Deer G.C.
2013 C.J. Tyler Susquehanna Valley C.C.
2012 Adam Winey Shade Mountain G.C.
2011 C.J. Tyler Susquehanna Valley C.C.
2010 Jordan Eck White Deer G.C.
2009 Cody Conklin Susquehanna Valley C.C.
2008 Max Wrobel Liberty Valley G.C.
2007  —  —
2006 Ben Boss Bucknell G.C.
2005 Ben Boss Bucknell G.C.
2004 Tom Kefalas White Deer G.C.
2003 Brad Shipman Susquehanna Valley C.C.
2002 Billy Toy Liberty Valley C.C.
2001 Jeremy Graham White Deer G.C.
2000 Jason Herrold Shade Mountain G.C.
1999 Lucas Sargent Corey Creek C.C.

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